Date: 2016-01-22 10:29 pm (UTC)
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That's a good explanation on the bank thing, thanks!

"A volunteer with a known history of ethical mistakes can be managed, with care.... The current and past board culture has caused a lot of otherwise good people to lose perspective and do horrible things, and I think it's good if we can help those people to recover and learn rather than abandoning them."
That's probably a very fair, professional reaction, the exact opposite of my reaction, and probably the same for many others! I think it would be reasonable to try it, at least on a probationary timeline. I don't think we the public have heard if they're still working in their other roles?

It looks like the Board aren't doing much of anything in Closed, which I think is good. Have you read the new minutes? Either we now have a lot of bystanders they didn't used to have or they just never recorded the guest names! I think it's good to have people viewing the proceedings. There isn't much to make an opinion about, but so far I have no complaints :)

I'm glad you signed up. I haven't heard anything either, sadly. I was hoping it was all going on behind the scenes and we just hadn't heard about it yet! There isn't anything I can see on her Tumblr or LJ about postponing it or anything.... I hope it gets made and doesn't get forgotten about.

I don't know if you saw this post, but I thought it was fascinating and I reblogged it with some of my own thoughts.

Also, the Slash Report podcast is doing an OTW episode that should be out this weekend. They said they were going to have a staffer on, I'm REALLY interested to hear it:

I'm sorry about the delayed reply, December and January were super busy!
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