Date: 2015-11-25 10:13 am (UTC)
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Excellent, looks like 2008 is still missing but someone's put the other 990s up.

Reading 2014 990, interestingly, the code contractor in 2014 was less than 2k. I'm glad they're now putting more cash into code. And the servers are evaluated at over 100k, though they've just done purchase price without depreciation, which looks odd.

I'm sure the board will want that advice on explaining the financials once they take office.

There's no reason not to publish a budget as soon as it's agreed and approved. People understandably hesitated to publish a draft that some people still disagreed with, but that should be quick to solve.

They weren't audited in the first few years because we were too small and it wasn't worth the cost. Auditing should have started several years ago, and needs to be done as soon as the board can organise it.

There used to be an internal finance committee. It got disbanded, mainly because the chair struggled to delegate so no-one was doing anything, and no other protests had worked. I think it should be set up again as soon as possible. As you say, it would relieve the board of the details, and one or two board members could sit on it, and report to the rest of the board.

Edited: There used to be policies in place for committees to spend up to a certain limit, Treasurer to approve small amounts, and larger amounts need Board as well as Treasurer. The exact figures are on the internal wiki which all volunteers (of which I am currently not one) have access to. Apparently that policy is no longer followed.

Definitely getting the cash out of paypal and into the back account should be very quick and easy, and is much safer. Where it goes next is complex but much less urgent.
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