Date: 2015-12-02 02:04 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jennyst
It'll probably be a few more days before the new board members post anything. I've found one old post that I hadn't seen before and has a few interesting figures:

There are a bunch of minutes up which I hadn't seen before, so here are some initial reactions:

The minutes of 18th Oct have just gone up, and include authorisation for a new SSL certificate, which should have been covered by pre-authorised Systems budget, and MJ checking with Legal about opening a second bank account which is a good thing.

Point 2 of closed session on 25th Oct is interesting - Elections Chair previously contacted candidates as a group, and Elections Chair in the past has been a board member sometimes. So it would depend on what the proposed message was about, which we're not told. All water under the bridge now anyway, but useful to have clear precedent for the future.

Point 3 of that set of minutes is encouraging - hope we get to see it soon.

I wish some of those Closed discussions could have been had in Open session.

31st Oct again has several promising finance things, but point 7 looks dodgy. Did Andrea abstain? I know this has been done for other staffers before, but it needs a clear explanation when there's a conflict of interest like that.

Closed session of 22nd November is interesting - it used to be the first meeting after new members took office. Did all previous boards misunderstand the byelaws, or did this board misunderstand them? Having a new board member as Chair was generally avoided, but having someone new as Secretary was often useful.

29th November mentions the draft budget again, so at least they're still talking about it, but we still haven't seen anything. Interesting about the overlap having been removed last year - I hadn't spotted that, and I think it's a bad idea. Overlap is helpful for a smooth transition.

And they've stopped listing date of next meeting in the minutes, so we don't know when the next one is.
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