Date: 2015-12-03 01:56 am (UTC)
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I can't remember if I saw that or not, but I think I may have. It's a lot of money! Way more than an individual could manage to come up with alone if they were going to do the archive as a personal project. Knowing those numbers is really interesting.

Oct 18: The new checking account is a really good thing, though I confess I don't understand what happens if we go over 250,000 in the same bank?
Points 1 & 3 about CCAP complaints and outside council seem ominous when viewed in hindsight.

October 25: decided not to do so on the grounds that it is unprecedented and might therefore be construed as an attempt to influence the election outcome.
Uh, yeah, that would not be appropriate action! What on earth would the outside council be talking to them about??
It's good to see that the budget looks to be almost done.
Point seven is interesting:: Voted to make M.J. MacRae an ex officio member of the Development & Membership committee as part of her duties as Treasurer. This position will end when her service as Treasurer concludes.
I wonder if the new board will allow the old board members to stay on with the Org in their non-board positions. I don't think they should be allowed to keep any positions at all. What do you think?

I wish all of it were in Open so we could have a better idea of what goes on. I know they can't discuss HR type things in the open, but basically all the new candidates said they shouldn't be handling staffer complaints and approvals anyway (it looks like that's half of what they do!), and that makes sense to me. Even if just the other Chairs could sit in on Closed meetings I think that would be better than no one seeing what they discuss/do. I realize that's a sad state of affairs to not trust people to do the job right, but that's where I am (and I think a lot of others) and perhaps we could have avoided this position if there had been more communication/oversight.

Oct 31: Good point - I don't trust that she abstained.
I'm glad they're looking into international donations - people outside the US deserve to get a vote, too.

Nov 22: WOW WOW WOW How can they be president/vice pres/treasurer/secretary if they aren't on the board anymore?!? The minutes say nothing about them resigning, did all the voting happen before or after they resigned?? Can Matty and LO undo those appointments? I don't even know what to say about that.
And that's a good question. The bylaws need to state that the new members MUST be there for all that, the old members shouldn't be doing all the voting by themselves. Of course, they probably couldn't have foreseen this situation when drafting the bylaws...
Your points about the Chair and Secretary are good ones, but I think this board is simply not making good choices.

Nov 29. Ok, they all resigned positions, I'm relieved. I guess all the voting happened before resigning - or someone told them in no uncertain terms that they couldn't continue on.

I agree about the overlap, it would seem to be extremely beneficial.

Yeah, I don't understand how a month ago we were basically ready to publish, but we still don't have it. But that should mean Matty and LO can get a budget out fairly quickly, which is very good.

Well, there is some suspect stuff, but mostly it seems to be business as usual. But with vague minutes it's hard to get a real sense of anything going awry until it's already gone awry. I don't understand why they purge the Open meeting transcripts - maybe Matty and LO will stop doing that. I wonder if "regular" non-profits publish their detailed meeting minutes?

Have you seen that svmadelyn is putting together a group to advise the board? And a Google group for the members to keep up with OTW progress/activity.
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