Date: 2015-12-04 11:37 am (UTC)
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If we go over that amount in one bank and the bank then folds, the money is not insured and we lose it. Under that amount, it's insured by the government. Banks folding are rare, but it's easy to fix and avoid.

I think letting the old board members stay on in some positions could be okay, depending on what those positions were. Particularly where transition is needed, losing someone too hastily with no handover can cause a lot of problems. A volunteer with a known history of ethical mistakes can be managed, with care. A gap in knowledge where a volunteer has left the org altogether is sometimes harder to fill. There are positions where the org could retain their knowledge while ensuring they don't have inappropriate decision-making power.

It's also worth bearing in mind that although they made some horrific mistakes recently, and so have others in the past, most ex-board members aren't evil people, just misguided, and so can learn in the future. The current and past board culture has caused a lot of otherwise good people to lose perspective and do horrible things, and I think it's good if we can help those people to recover and learn rather than abandoning them.

Purging Open transcripts used to be for space, though Legal are also keen on not having old stuff hanging around forever. They should be able to be kept a little longer. Closed is more of an issue and unlikely to change.

I've seen and signed up for svmadelyn's group a couple of months back, but haven't heard anything since. Has it actually started?
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