Date: 2016-01-24 09:32 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jennyst
There are more interested people, yes, though it's also not unusual for a project to have a small group having the majority of the work. The more unusual thing is that we don't have a larger pool of people doing occasional but substantial technical work the way, say, Dreamwidth does.

Some of the things that were bad back in 2011 have got a lot better - there were people internally aware and working on fixing most of those problems even back when Skud was writing, and some of that work has paid off. There are still some barriers to participating, though, and fixing the remaining ones is hard work for a payoff that isn't guaranteed. Sadly, removing the barriers doesn't guarantee that the ideal volunteer will then magically appear, particularly since so many of the people who are both interested and have the right skills are either already burned out or already put off by the history of problems.

Expressing issues and sending bug reports through the support form is very helpful, giving us more data. If you request a feature and get an interesting response, spreading that information is also helpful, to save Support repeating themselves on common requests - e.g. on why we don't have a mobile app yet.

Retweeting and blogging is great, and no need to feel guilty for not being able to volunteer at the moment - loads of people go through stages when they can or can't.
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