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Jenny S-T ([personal profile] jennyst) wrote2012-08-02 07:36 pm

Quick notes make an update, right?

I've been working mainly on elections stuff lately, but also a few other bits. Ira's posts have more details expanding on the minutes. I spend a fair amount of time with the strategic planning workgroup. I've also worked on some diagrams of organisational structure for the board, and we're now talking about writing up a proper job description before the election, setting out rough expected workload.

It's still exhausting, and my day job has also been busy, but there are some good signs of progress. At least we're having these conversations, and also planning to formalise the emerita board and set up an advisory board. Volcom are also making progress on their big projects for the code of conduct and related processes, which is exciting.
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[personal profile] onceamy 2012-08-03 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Are you still not taking new volunteers/staffers? I'm still very interested in Open Doors, especially in light of what I talked about with you on IM.