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Today we deployed new code to the AO3 Test server, so we're another step closer to our next release.

There are several notable features in this release. We've made some tweaks to searching and filtering for different languages, and so you can filter out WIPs. There are the JavaScript changes and other things we've mentioned in recent AD&T meeting posts. We've made some more improvements to the banner notice feature which we were hoping to use for the October Drive, though it's not yet certain if it will be ready in time. We're very close - only 8 issues left to test, and our testers are doing a great job already.

We've also got a big change behind-the-scenes this time. Previously, our Test server had a full copy of all the data on the main Beta server, to make testing as realistic as possible. Now the AO3 has grown enough that that's no longer possible - the Test server isn't powerful enough to handle it. Luckily we already have a cut-down set of sample data that most of our coders use, so the wonderful Sidra has beefed that up a bit and we're now using that for the official Test server as well.

Date: 2011-09-30 11:46 am (UTC)
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Yay progress! Cookies for all of you. Thanks for the update, I don't usually have much to contribute but I love hearing about how the archive is doing.


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